Wholesale essential oils - is a phrase of about 25,000 searches on the Internet every month. Knowing this fact you may be interested to think how you could take advantage of having access to the highest-quality source.

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Wholesale essential oils 

are the most economical way to your wellness and longevity. Why to pay more than you have to? And why not to take advantage of that what you are doing already anyway? All what you need is more infor- mation to help you to overcome your perception about the status of an ‘Independent distributor’, if you have any. What if we assume that an Independent distributor is a very smart shopper buying essential oils wholesale prices? I believe to buy any product in the highest quality and in the lowest possible price is a smart thing to do. I have been doing that for years and never regretted.

Young Living, Inc. is paying lot of attention to loyal customers, who are also called Wholesale Buyers and are registered based on the Young Living Independent Distributor agreement. One time registration fee of $40.00 (plus applicable taxes and S/H charges) includes Start Living Kit, an information pack of printed materials, DVDs, three product samples and a 50% off diffuser coupon (discount covers sign up fee). Or you will recover the YL sign up cost by purchasing products in value about $200.00.

You also can choose Cleanse/Core Essentials Complete, Everyday oils, Ningxia Red or Thieves starter kit, each offers additional savings (quick overview and price comparison). When you join as an Independent distributor (equals Wholesale Buyer) you will start your most economical way towards your wellness and longevity. And you will enjoy your pure essential oils in wholesale prices for the rest of your life.

Sign up to Young Living family NOW.

Besides, there are numerous possibilities for Independent distributors (wholesale buyers) and it is solely your decision which you will take advantage of. Just name the most significant:

·   Over 20% discount from published retail prices

·   Young Living's Essential Rewards Autoship Program - free product credits up to $75 every month (Autoship kits offering additional savings available - second page), discounted shipping, special promotions, free training CDs, and special "members only" announcements!

·   Free Young Living NewsLetter

·   Free access to Young Living company website for information and online ordering

·   Possible tax deduction

You will maintain your status of Young Living Independent Distributor even if you buy Young Living products in value of $50.00 or higher just one time per year. And you will get your Therapeutic Grade A Young Living Essential Oils and any other products you will choose in the most economical way. Again, welcome to the Young Living Essential Oils 4 U and start your journey towards your wellness and longevity. Should you have any question or if we can be of any help to you, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Sign up to Young Living family NOW.

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