Young Living, owner of Lavender farms in US, France and Ecuador, is the largest essential oil supplier in the world, currently operating from US, Canada, UK, Japan and Australia.


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Young Living Essential Oils 4 U provides, based on the wisdom of ancient traditions and the best of modern science, therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced products produced by Young Living and D. Gary Young, founder and president. Learn more about D. Gary Young and the history of Young Living. As a worldwide leader in the development of nature's purest healthcare products, Young Living provides unique solutions for cultivating a better lifestyle - physically, emotionally, and financially. Young Living Essential Oils 4 U is your home of wellness and longevity.

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We invite you to discover the world of 100% Pure Grade A Organic Essential Oils, God's gift to mankind for healing and health. In their pure unadulterated state, organic essential oils contain the healing substances so powerful, that they are rated as having the most powerful immune-stimulating properties of any natural substance known to man. Many health professionals started to consider the therapeutic essential oils as “The Missing Linkin our health care.

Therapeutic grade YL Essential Oils include singles (Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Orange, Rose), blends (Panaway, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Joy), and many other single and blended oils as well as aromatherapy essential oils kits, oil-enhanced products and accessories. We also carry unique extensive line of nutritional supplements, including NingXia Red and dried NingXia wolfberries. Detail description, recommended usage and ingredients for each available YL product can be found by clicking on product name listed on ‘Product Line’ pages.


Purchasing Options

Young Living Essential Oils 4 U highly appreciates the opportunity to be a bridge to your longevity and to more happier and joyful life. Having in mind possible long term relationship with you as our client, we would like to offer to you the highest quality of the YL products in the most economical costs. There are three ways to become a member of the YL family. The most economical option is to join the privileged club of  "Independent distributors". You will qualify to the wholesale essential oils prices, which are discounted more than 20% below the published customer prices, plus applicable shipping and sales tax charges.

You will maintain your status of Young Living Independent Distributor even if you buy YL products in value of $50.00 or higher just one time per year. And you will be legible for tax deductions as well. One time sign up fee of $40.00 includes Start Living Kit, an information pack of printed materials, DVDs, three product samples and a diffuser coupon (discount covers sign up fee). Or you will recover the YL sign up cost by purchasing products in value about $200.00. You also can choose Cleanse/Core Essentials Complete, Everyday Oils, Ningxia Red or Thieves starter kit, each offers additional savings (quick overview). When you join as an Independent distributor you will start your most economical way towards your wellness and longevity. And you will enjoy your wholesale essential oils for the rest of your life.

Sign up to Young Living family NOW.

The second most economical way to become member of the Young Living family is the Preferred Customer status. The YL preferred customer is a customer who is participating in the Essential Rewards autoship program. Preferred customers purchase products at the preferred customer prices discounted 12% below the published customer prices, plus applicable shipping and sales tax charges. There is a minimum monthly purchase of about $66.00 in products required. Preferred customers are eligible to earn Essential Rewards credits up to 20% of the Autoship order each month (for complete information visit Distributor Agreement, section 9.2). The credits are valid for product purchases only. Autoship kits offering additional savings are available.

If you join the YL family as a Customer, all products will be available to you in retail prices as you can see on our website. No obligation or commitment. This is a good option to start if you want just to try some products. You can upgrade to Preferred Customer or Indipendent Distributor status any time you wish. Sign up now.  

When you enter our product section you will be able to choose from the list of recommended products or open the Product Line page and select the appropriate line according to the product you are looking for. If you pick up products you would like to get first, on your way to check out you will be asked to sign up for your membership. After you sign up you will be automatically returned to check out process and your order will by hold for you. Shop/Buy Now.

If you decide to sign up first, you will have opportunity to create your order right after signing up. Whatever your preference is, in both ways you will get your Therapeutic Grade A Young Living Essential Oils and any other products you will choose. Again, welcome to the Young Living Essential Oils 4 U and start your journey towards your wellness and longevity. Should you have any question or if we can be of any help to you, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


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